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Christmas cardsChristmas cards

About us: We made a right mess getting bits of Christmas tree everywhere to pose for these photos. We were pleased with the printed results though!

Detail: Robin, tree, pudding and snow woman Christmas tree decoration cards

snowmen and womenName: Snow men and snow women

About us: We gossip. A lot. You may think we just stand around outside innocently contemplating the view, but we actually have very interesting discussions about the people who make us and their choice of winter garments (worn by them and given to us). Fashion is very important to us and we value being able to sport the latest lines in woollen scarves.

Size/detail: H 6cm W 4cm, polymer clay snow men and snow women with scarves - tree decorations

PuddingName: Pud

About the pud: Good enough to eat. Though it might taste a bit like clay, because it is.

Size/detail: H 4cm W 4cm, polymer clay Christmas pudding tree decoration

RobinsName: The Robin Choir

About us: Hello! We formed our choir about a year ago and have been chirping and whistling to entertain the others at Bexlee ever since. Christmas is our favourite time of year as people like to put us in pride of place on their tables and mantlepieces. We tend to eat too many mince pies.

Size/detail: H 4cm W 4cm or H 2cm W 2cm, polymer clay Christmas robins

SantaName: Father Christmas

About me: I've let myself go a bit. I only have myself to blame, although how easy it would be to blame the robins for offering me countless mince pies. I will do something about it in the new year, probably. I'll take the reindeer for lots of walks!

Size/detail: H 6cm W 4cm, polymer clay fat Father Christmas / Santa Claus with incredibly bushy beard - tree decoration

chicksName: Easter chicks

About us: We like to walk in long lines to make interesting patterns while following each other. The one who can hold their beak the steadiest for longest leads the way.

Size/detail: H 4cm W 4cm, polymer clay Easter chicks