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CharlieName: Charlie

About me: Hmmm... still deciding what to write... let me ponder for a bit longer please.

Size/detail: H 6 cm W 4 cm, polymer clay white and grey rabbit

ConnieName: Connie

About me: Hi! I am nine years old today and celebrating with my own mini fashion show. I love dressing up - it’s just difficult to stop giggling for long enough to pose for the camera! This is my new monochrome outfit that I just threw together.

Size/detail: H 10 cm W 4 cm, polymer clay blonde girl sitting on cube cushion, wearing leggings, sandals, rah-rah skirt and tee shirt, with hat

"I love her so much, think I might protect her more than the real thing... maybe! Thank you SO much, it means the world to me... you know that already! Xxxxx"

- Natalie

amberName: Amber

About me: I really wasn't impressed the first time some bright spark decided to put this school tie on me, but I have since become rather fond of it. I've decided it symbolises the strong bond I have with my family. Bless them; if they just see it as hysterically funny, I don't mind.

Size/detail: H 6 cm W 3 cm, polymer clay boxer dog wearing red and black striped school tie

NatalieName: Natalie

About me: I'm feeling a bit guilty actually. I went on and on dropping strong hints about wanting a model of myself for flipping ages. And then there it was, presented to me for my 40th birthday! People say it captures my attitude - I don't know what they mean! If you don't like it or me? Rude! x

Size/detail: H 13 cm W 4 cm, polymer clay woman in black halterneck dress with champagne glass and hand on hip

BarbaraName: Barbara

About me: Whether one's a weary walker or a hasty hiker, we know most find the Lake District challenging at times with its daunting fells, hence we dot ourselves about in places where we can give you a friendly smile. This makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone!

Size/detail: H 5 cm W 4 cm, polymer clay Herdwick sheep

BillyName: Billy

About me: Woof, woof! My hobbies include herding my owner to work, dozing in front of the TV, barking when the phone rings and going for walkies several times a day. I don't chase after balls as I think it's pointless and I get annoyed when the postman drops letters on my head. I dislike the vet for putting me on a diet as I allegedly have middle-aged spread. As for fireworks going off...don't even get me started!

Size/detail: H 6 cm W 4 cm, polymer clay border collie

AdrianName: Adrian

About me: That cheeky daughter of mine crept into the library and took my photo! I have a passion for politics and enjoy my political analyst appearances on television, particularly during general elections. My research interest in the governance of microstates takes me to Jersey quite often. My jokes and puns are always met with withering looks from my wife and daughters, but I think they have a secret chuckle when I'm not listening...

Size/detail: H 10 cm W 10 cm, polymer clay man with beard, glasses and newspaper, sitting in an armchair

GabbyName: Gabby

About me: It was my first birthday and my christening all in the same week last week. Days and days of parties and people giving me loads of wrapping paper to play with! Other highlights were my first car and a swing! I also got a brilliant cake in the shape of a pair of feet. I'm hoping I will get a knitted jumper with feet on it when I'm a bit bigger. My mum had one that was bright orange, but I think I'd like mine to be purple. Oh this is Teddy by the way - he's very flat.

Size/detail: H 7cm W 5cm, polymer clay baby

ChesterName: Chester

About me: I have a very important role at Bexlee. I ensure that games are played to the right rules and that I have my pink plastic ball with me at all times. My loving but regimented upbringing has enabled me to understand where the line is but take absolutely no notice of it. I am very proud of my smart collar.

Size/detail: H 7cm W 3cm, polymer clay boxer dog

Tasha and TobyName: Tasha and Toby

About us: Tasha: Hello, this is me in my new walking clothes that I was given for my birthday. I really wanted them as I love taking my dog out for walks, but it's getting cold now so I needed a new jacket. I asked my parents for years if I could have a dog and proved I was responsible enough by walking my friend's labradors, Fred and Jake. They're on this site too (see the Drakes)! Toby: Well what can I say? I have the most caring, fun owner that I could ever imagine. Tasha is always looking after me and never complains when I want to stay out walking for just a bit longer :)

Size/detail: H 15cm W 10cm, polymer clay girl in Barbour jacket and wellies with her springer spaniel

AbrahamName: Abraham

About me: I am very lucky to be included here. I'm not sad about it now, but I didn't have the best start in life. I don't remember much about it, but when I was little I lived in a shelter for rescued animals as I had a problem with my skin and looked a bit weird. Thankfully my skin got better and my coat is growing normally. Everyone at Bexlee made me feel very welcome when I joined and didn't think I looked weird. Now I even get comments on my lovely coat!

Size/detail: H 5cm W 5cm, polymer clay west highland terrier

SarahName: Sarah

About me: Well, I had to try the Demi Moore pose! Since I looked like this, I have given birth to the prettiest little girl, Gabriella. She is at the giggly stage at the moment and particularly enjoys her swimming lessons. I'm glad I am brave enough to have a 'nude' of me in the house - so tastefully done! I hope Gabriella grows up to be proud of her mother's model too :)

Size/detail: H 10cm W 5cm, polymer clay nude

Kate and PaulName: Kate and Paul

About us: We were married in a beautiful venue, with fabulous friends, stunning decor and on a very elegant cake. It was difficult to hold our pose and not tap to the music after a few hours, but we didn't want to ruin the icing. We loved every minute of our special day together :)

Size/detail: H 15cm W 10cm, polymer clay bride and groom

SylviaName: Sylvia

About me: I'm so proud to be on this website. I spent hours washing so that I would look pristine for the camera. The sun's been shining recently and the others have told me they need to wear sunglasses when they look in my direction as I'm so bright!

Size/detail: H 5cm W 4cm, polymer clay white cat

CraigName: Craig, Spaniel Craig

About me: I'm a bit nervous about being on this website and find it quite hard to talk about myself. I like to think I am well-behaved and that my family is proud of me. I don't like doing anything wrong or being laughed at. I'd rather someone else was the centre of attention as I'm quite happy to stay in the background, honest!

Size/detail: H 5cm W 5cm, polymer clay springer spaniel

The DrakesName: The Drakes

About us: We have been part of the Bexlee community for only six months and can already recommend it if you're looking for a fun time full of laughter and entertainment! The older characters have made us very welcome and our labradors are in their element running around with their new friends.

Size/detail: H 10 cm W 15 cm, polymer clay man, woman and black labradors

Ione and ArchieName: Ione

About me: I am a big fan of anything white - white poloneck jumpers, white shirts, white trainers. I have always loved cats and have lived with them for many years. The cat on my lap is Archie, my big, macho, farm cat who turned out to be soppy and full of affection. We're the best of friends (even though he gets ginger hairs on my jumper).

Size/detail: H 10 cm W 7 cm, polymer clay lady with ginger and white cat

RobinsName: The Robin Choir

About us: Hello! We formed our choir about a year ago and have been chirping and whistling to entertain the others at Bexlee ever since. Christmas is our favourite time of year as people like to put us in pride of place on their tables and mantlepieces. We tend to eat too many mince pies.

Size/detail: H 4cm W 4cm or H 2cm W 2cm, polymer clay robins