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MegName: Meg

About me: Well I'm glad I haven't been forgotten about on here. I was forgotten about when I was little. I was found in a dark boiler room and had lots of trouble with my eyes as I wasn't used to light. I have never been able to see very well and have never grown very big, but not sure why I'm telling you really as it hasn't stopped me doing anything! I particularly love running around in long grass. No sob story here!

Size/detail: H 20 cm x W 20 cm, oil on canvas black cat

DaveName: Dave

About me: This painting was for my 40th birthday and I love it. It's me, totally. I am always smiling like this - it's like my face has learnt to be that way and can't be bothered to change. Better than having a permanent frown! Oh and some quite like the glimpse of my manly, hairy chest.

Size/detail: H 30 cm x W 20 cm, oil on canvas portrait

FredName: Fred

About me: What I really can't stand are wooden floors that seem to be polished to such an extent that I slide all over them. I usually pretend I meant to slide, but it's tricky to act all nonchalant when I can't regain my balance. I should just walk more slowly but I want to get to places quickly! I like to lean (literally) on people I love. I have the fortune of being featured twice on Bexlee - I'm also in 'The Drakes' (see models gallery), where I can be seen leaning on someone I love.

Size/detail: H 60 cm x W 40 cm, oil on canvas black labrador

ShilhoName: Shilho

About me: I really don't have time to write much here as I have so much to be getting on with. There are toys all over the house that need hiding in the garden, away from all the other animals. It was very difficult keeping my tail still to pose for this painting. Must dash...

Size/detail: H 40 cm W 40 cm, oil on canvas jack russell terrier

MurphyName: Murphy

About me: I've been encouraged to go on this website by some friends of mine. We've had a chuckle at some of the other photos on here so I thought I'd better let others chuckle at mine! I have a velvety-smooth coat and an air of smugness about me - so I'm told. Nothing really gets to me, I'm very laid back, though I do enjoy pondering the theories of Darwin and wondering how we all really got here. Sorry, a bit heavy perhaps (the subject, not me obviously)?!

Size/detail: H 60 cm W 40 cm, oil on canvas chocolate labrador

HarveyName: Harvey

About me: Hi, how are you doing? I like to recline on my faux suede chocolate beanbag looking handsome and chilled out, but I'm still alert underneath this laid-back exterior, so I'm ready to pounce on anyone who dares to try tickling my tummy. That's for wimps. I take pride in my appearance and I think the girls appreciate it.

Size/detail: H 60 cm W 80 cm, oil on canvas grey and white cat

MaxiName: Maxi

About me: I am a pretty wise old bird, so my friends tell me. I live in Cornwall and regularly talk on the phone to my Bexlee chums. I like to play a joke on my fellow housemates (a cat and a dog) by saying 'Look what I've got for you-oo!' in my owner's voice whenever she opens a tin of something, even when it's not pet food. I find it funny every time. I also like to sing about pasties and enjoy reciting a few lines of Shakespeare when the mood takes me.

Size/detail: H 30 cm W 20 cm , oil on canvas african grey parrot

BorisName: Boris

About me: Hello. I'm representing some of the farm animals here. I'm a Gloucestershire Old Spot boar and am lucky enough to have lots of children. I like standing right in the middle of big fields, in the rain or sunshine, as long as I can breathe in the lovely country air. I have a very deep voice and I sometimes sing with the Robin Choir (see Models Gallery) in a Barry White style.

Size/detail: H 60 cm W 60 cm, oil on canvas gloucestershire old spot pig

Messie and LoganName: Nessie and Logan

About us: Nessie (l): we are Scottish Deerhounds and have very long, elegant legs! We're big so wanted a big painting to match (and span a large fireplace in the very old cottage where we live). Logan (r): Nessie practiced her pose for weeks for this painting but I couldn't help fidgeting. She's a born model I think, so I like being in this painting with her and showing the world she's my girlfriend.

Size/detail: H 80 cm W 160 cm , oil on canvas scottish deerhounds