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Kirsty and Jed with BorisName: Kirsty and Jed, with Boris

About us: We thought it would be nice to let Boris join us on the cake. Didn't want him feeling left out. We had an amazing day, particularly as we also had news that our new home had all been sorted - a beautiful dresser where we can gaze lovingly at each other for the rest of our married lives!

Size/detail: H 12cm W 10cm, polymer clay bride wearing lace dress with belt and veil, groom wearing morning suit with glasses, ginger and white cat

"Everyone thought the cake toppers were absolutely brilliant and they have a new home on our dresser as a lovely memento of the day. Thank you so much :) xxx"

- Kirsty

Kate and PaulName: Kate and Paul

About us: We were married in a beautiful venue, with fabulous friends, stunning decor and on a very elegant cake. It was difficult to hold our pose and not tap to the music after a few hours, but we didn't want to ruin the icing. We loved every minute of our special day together :)

Size/detail: H 15cm W 10cm, polymer clay bride and groom

From the wedding albums

Kirsty and Jed in the garden Kaitlyn and Jan

Kate and Paul on the cakeKirsty and Jed with Boris on the cake